Thank you for your interest in my commissions!  Pricing is as follows  (I am not currently accepting comic commissions):

My OC's:  $30 per character, maximum of   3  characters per scene.   


Futa versions of my OC's here 

 Female only versions of my OC's  here

Your OC's:  $60 per character, maximum of  3 characters per scene.    If you want a picture involving your OC  and one of my characters, it  would be  $60 for your character   and $30 for each of my characters, with a maximum of  3 characters per scene.

If you decide to have me create more pictures with your OC in the future, the base price would start at $30  since I would have already created the character.

​* The prices above are a base prices  and could be higher depending on the complexity of your picture.    Please contact me with the details of your commission so we can discuss the project and I can give final pricing.

- You can request the characters to be male, female or futa (regular, canine or horsecock).

- I will try to include a detailed background if the assets are available to me.    If not, we can work out an alternative.​

- I will retain the rights to the picture and  will not publish it if you request me not to.  


** Please note: I do not make my own models, but I  will do my best to try to get as close to what you are asking for as I can.


*** I have the right to reject your commission request.    I will not accept commission requests involving scat, pedo, furry, vomit, guro, racism  or anything else I feel uncomfortable with at the time.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me regarding a commission, you can email me at    Thank you for considering me for your commission!