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     Mia was running late to her first day of dance class.  As her mom drove her to the lesson, Mia screwed her lips into a grimace as she thought of what a terrible impression her tardiness would most likely leave on her new dance teacher, Mrs. Jenson.  Once her mom had dropped her off she hurried inside, only to find the dance studio empty of students; only Mrs. Jenson was there, sitting on a round leather stool doing some warm up exercises.

     “I'm sorry I'm late!” Mia said meekly as she looked around the empty studio. “Where is everyone?”

     Mrs. Jenson stood and said, “Oh, I canceled class for everyone else today. I wanted an opportunity to have some one-on-one time with you.”  A sly smile curled the corners of her mouth.  “The other day, when you came in to register for class, I thought there were some things I noticed about you that I found very interesting.”

     Mia's brow furrowed. “What sort of things?”

     “Well, for starters,” she said as she raised a hand and ran the back of it across Mia's cheek, “you said you were a very shy girl who didn't have many friends, and that you wanted to take dance lessons as a way to express yourself.”

     Mia could feel her cheeks turning flush.  Mrs. Jenson was acting very forward, and there was no way she could guess the reason why Mia had been so shy.

     “You see, I was very much the same way,” Mrs. Jenson said with an unfamiliar inflection to her voice.  Mia almost felt like she was speaking to her seductively.  “And whenever I meet someone like myself, I can't help but to let my eyes wander down their body. . . .”  Mia had to swallow hard as Mrs. Jenson's hand slid down to the bulging mass Mia had tucked down in between her legs and continued her thought.  “To see if you have one of these also.”

     Mia practically leapt backwards in shock.  Her mind was racing, and she could feel herself begin to break out into a sweat.  “How . . . wait, you said 'also'!?”

     “Relax, Mia,” Mrs. Jenson said as she closed the distance between them.  Mia couldn't help herself from glancing down towards Mrs. Jenson's crotch.  Panting hard, she could make out the growing bulge snaking its way up her leotard. “I was also born a hermaphrodite.  I know how it can make you feel self-conscious . . . keep you from getting close to people.”  She returned her hand to Mia's bulge.  Still breathing hard, Mia couldn't control her growing erection.  The way she had it tucked was becoming very, very uncomfortable. 

     “There's something I learned long ago, when I met my husband,” Mrs. Jenson said as she sat back on her heels.  Her fingers went to the top of Mia's leggings.  “You don't have to let it stop you.”

     Mrs. Jenson pulled down hard on Mia's leggings, exposing her cock and balls to the cool air of the dance studio.  Mia felt so embarrassed, yet at the same time entranced by the situation.  Her eyes darting around, she saw herself in the large studio mirror - it made the room seem so large, and she suddenly felt very small. 

     “Good heavens!” Mrs. Jenson exclaimed in a near shout of excitement.  “You're even bigger than I am!”
Mia looked down at her exposed cock. It was quickly filling up, becoming harder and harder.  She looked away from it in embarrassment. 

     Mrs. Jenson stood again and moved to Mia's right side, so as to not be in the way of her cock as it stretched out before her.  She pulled up on Mia's shirt, releasing her bounty of full breasts; Mia did nothing to resist her. 

     “Have you ever stood in front of anyone naked before?” Mrs. Jenson asked curtly. Mia shook her head timidly.  “It's a liberating feeling,” she continued.  “Once you're used to it, you'll be able to feel so much more free of anxiety.” 

     Mia stood there frozen, not knowing what to do or say.  Mrs. Jenson pulled the straps of her own leotard down and pushed it around her waist, proudly exposing her massively large breasts.  As she gently caressed herself around her areola, Mia stared at her, finding what she was doing to be incredibly arousing.  Some part of her wanted to reach out and touch her in the same way.  

     After a moment, Mrs. Jenson seemed to shudder as she squeezed at her nipples, expressing a white liquid from them.  “It's milk,” she said matter-of-factly.  “I just recently had a child with my husband."  She smiled as she stared at Mia.  “You see? You can have a normal life.  You can even someday have a child of your own.”

     Mia felt like she might faint. All of this was too much for her to take all at once.  And yet, somehow she found comfort in the very fact that she had found someone who understood her, and the secret feelings she'd so long harbored.  The realization that something sexual might happen now between her and her new dance teacher had her breath in ragged pants again.

     Mrs. Jenson turned, suddenly, and walked to the mirrored wall.  “I want you to do some stretching exercises before we begin.”  She looked back to Mia with a sly smile.  “You should always stretch before your dance lessons. You don't want to pull a muscle.”

     Unsure of her ability to move, Mia took a small step out of her leggings, still bunched around her ankles. She shook them free and approached the wooden railing that ran along the mirrored wall. 

     “Put your ankle up here,” Mrs. Jenson gestured to the rail. “Then I want you to bend towards it. Try and grab your ankle.”

     Mia couldn't believe this was really happening.  It had to be some sort of dream, because it all seemed so surreal.  She looked at Mrs. Jenson in the mirror, unsure of bending in such a way in front of her.  Mrs. Jenson just tilted her head and gestured again towards the rail.  Mia did as instructed.  The hardest part of the stretch was how her large breasts got in the way.  

     Mrs. Jenson pressed up behind her.  She leaned in and reached around Mia, took her shaft into her hand and began stroking its length.  “Don't stop stretching,” she whispered in Mia's ear.  Mia's leg still holding her up almost buckled.  Mia could feel Mrs. Jenson's hardness pressing up against her as her hand gently began stroking Mia's fully erect and throbbing penis.  Shivers ran down her spine.

     “Do you play with yourself often?” Mrs. Jenson asked breathily into her ear.

     “ No,” Mia said in a quivering voice.


     “I hate it!” Mia exclaimed so loudly it startled herself.  Mrs. Jenson's stroking halted a moment, though she didn't let go of Mia's cock.  After a moment, Mia continued in a meek voice, “I've always hated it . . . it keeps me from having any friends.”

     Mrs. Jenson let out a long breath into Mia's ear that sent shivers running through her and said, “But it can feel so very good,” before continuing to stroke the length of Mia's engorged dick.  Mia, her ankle still hooked over the railing, couldn't help but agree it did feel good.  So good, in fact, she couldn't believe it. It was strange having someone doing this to her, but she didn't want it to stop either.

     “Yes,” Mrs. Jenson said as her hand reached the underside of Mia's glans.  “Feel how good it can be.  Let that be your first lesson.”

     The sensation from Mrs. Jenson's stroking was becoming very intense - Mia didn't know how much more it would become.  Every stroke seemed to magnify the feeling, and she could feel her balls beginning to swell and tingle.  Her breathing was wild and erratic.  Mrs. Jenson stroked her cock faster, while her other hand came around Mia to tenderly squeeze her scrotum.

     Suddenly, Mia's whole body began to shudder and buckle.  A wave of euphoria seemed to overwhelm her senses, and she could feel a heavy sensation rising up through her cock towards her tip.  She could barely keep her eyes open to see the long, wet spurt of cum explode from the tip of her head.  It shot like a fire hose from her, squirting against the mirror and running down it in a wet mess. 

     As soon as her first eruption had freed itself from her monster sized cock, another fired away, and another, and another.  She couldn't believe how good it felt to orgasm.  Her thoughts felt numb, and she could barley hold herself up. 

     “Such a mess you've made!” Mrs. Jenson said teasingly as she helped Mia unhook her foot from the railing and steadied her against the wall.  Mia couldn't stop looking at her oozing cock head.  “Now it's time for your next lesson,” Mrs. Jenson said with a mischievous grin. She went over to her black leather stool and seductively pressed her boobs together.  “Come and fuck me! Come feel what it's like to be inside someone!” 

     Mia felt like she was watching her body being controlled by someone else.  She couldn't stop herself - she wanted Mrs. Jenson so badly.  As she stood before her, Mrs. Jenson popped the tip of Mia's cock inside her mouth, swirling her tongue around it.  It felt so sensitive, but she enjoyed it immensely. 

     Mrs. Jenson shifted herself so that her upper back was laying across the black stool.  “Help me pull down these leggings,” she said as she began the task.  Mia reached down and pulled the tight pants down and off her dance instructor.  She held her breath at the sight of Mrs. Jenson's long hard-on popping up against her stomach.

     Mia admired the beautiful, flowery tattoo Mrs. Jenson had across her stomach.  The way it surrounded her navel was sexy as hell.  Her eyes roamed down to Mrs. Jenson's cock, and she felt a pang of fear.  Mia worried she couldn't make Mrs. Jenson feel as good as she had made her feel. 

     Mrs. Jenson reached down between her legs and pulled her hefty nutsack away from her dripping wet pussy.  With her middle and forefingers, she pulled her slit apart for Mia. “Put it in . . . fill me up nicely.”

     The trembling dance student pressed the tip of herself up to her instructors waiting mound.  It was the moment of truth, and Mia wanted nothing more than to fuck her hot body hard; to fill her with more of her hot, sticky cum.  Mia tried to push into Mrs. Jenson's tight pussy, but wasn't sure of how much pressure was too much - she didn't want to hurt her.  

     Mrs. Jenson reached down and firmly grasped Mia's thick rod.  “Don't stop.  Drive it in.  This is your next lesson!”

     With renewed effort, Mia drove her cock past the point of resistance and felt Mrs. Jenson's tight pussy swallow her length.  Mia's eyes practically rolled back in her head at how wonderful it felt to be fucking this beautiful, big breasted and big cocked woman. 

     “Fuck, yes!” Mrs. Jenson moaned.  “It's so fucking big!”  she exclaimed as she bucked her hips in time with Mia's thrusts.  Mia didn't realize just how big she must be, but she could visibly see Mrs. Jenson's stomach bulge out as she filled her up with her entire length.  “Oh, Mia,” she said with tears of ecstasy in her eyes, “press my cock up into your big breasts and stroke me off while you fuck me!”

     Mia reached down and pulled Mrs. Jenson's shaft between her large breasts.  She could easily keep it there with the way her arms pressed against her tits as she held on to Mrs. Jenson's hips.  It was driving Mia wild with lust at the lewd way her instructor's body writhed in time with her own.  Her moans echoed her teacher's, and she imagined their sensations echoed each other's as well. 

     Mrs. Jenson's back began to arch as she screamed in pleasure, “Yes, baby!  Here I come!  Fucking take it all!”  The first load of cum squirting from Mrs. Jenson's cock was all it took to push Mia over the edge. She pushed her entire length up into her tight pussy and again emptied the contents of her balls. Only this time, into her beautiful dance instructor.  Mrs. Jenson's cries filled the studio and her cum rained down on Mia's face and tits in a cascade of warm, sticky fluid.  Mia could feel both their bodies seizing up in their intense orgasms.  

     Finally spent, Mia slumped back on her knees and slid the length of her swollen cock out of Mrs. Jenson. Cum oozed across its length and began dripping in long strings from Mrs. Jenson's pussy lips.  Mia, unable to look away from the sight of it, tried to catch her breath. 

     Mrs. Jenson stood and casually walked over to retrieve her clothes.  She bent down longer than was necessary to pick them up, knowing that young Mia was watching her. 

     “You did well at your first day's lessons, Mia,” she said as she smiled over her shoulder.  “Don't be late to your next one.”

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